About Us

SBS Group is a leading global consulting and IT services Provider Company with over 5 years of onsite and offshore engagements, delivering innovative and easy-to-use solutions that are supported by unmatched customer service through quality and ROI. With a rich experience in providing offshore software development our team helps you reduce the cost and risk of technology, increase business efficiency and ROI, thus gain the edge over your competitors.

We provide a full range of customized software services, including web and mobile application development. Our offerings cover all stages of the software development life cycle: from business analysis, design, and prototyping to the actual development, quality assurance, deployment and post-project maintenance and support.

Our methodologies follow best practices and adhere to ever-changing industry standards so that our customers can achieve their goals through faster time-to-market at the most affordable rates.

We are dedicated towards building simple, effective, affordable and manageable solutions. We strongly believe in supporting your business. We’ve brought together years of experience in web and mobile apps design and development, our understanding of customer behavior & culture and leveraged on our highly efficient processes and in house frameworks to provide a cost effective solution to meet your requirements.

We specialize in providing business applications for small to midsize companies. Whether a project lasts from several man-hours to many man-months, we pride ourselves in timely delivery.

We value the opportunity to become your trusted partner providing tangible resources for your digital needs, be it, creative web design development, data driven websites, software, online strategy, mobile apps design and development, search engine optimization, e-commerce and technology consultancy.

Our mission is to deliver maximum business value to our customers by designing, developing, implementing and maintaining efficient and high quality software solutions aligned with their most essential business needs. Our values include client and employee satisfaction, social and business responsibility, ongoing efforts to foster the development of healthy business environments, as well as the use of industry’s best practices to unleash the potential of our employees, remove communication barriers, create trust and increase operational efficiency. We treat our employees and clients with respect and value their opinions.

Our Staff